New Colon Sweep Review – Is This REALLY the Best Colon Cleanser?

In this New Colon Sweeo Review, we uncover how New Colon Sweep works to relieve constipation – it’s good points and its bad points.

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New Colon Sweep Review
New Colon Sweep Reviews
New Colon Sweep Review


How to Relieve Constipation

New Colon Sweep Review
How New Colon Sweep Works

New Colon Sweep is a mild and natural product that’s been formulated to gently clear away waste fecal matter from your colon.

New Colon Sweep does not contain the usual harsh chemicals and artificial fibers that is present in most laxatives and fiber additive products. These can produce unpleasant side effects such as bloating, embarrassing excess wind and oftentimes, the need to rush to the toilet.

With New Colon Sweep, it’s pleasant to take and there is no chalky taste – with absolutely no side effects.

Because it is so gentle and safe, it can be used either occasionally or regularly by youing children, pregnant mothers, people with particular sensitivity in the gut and those who have disabilities or have undergone surgery.

New Colon Sweep is not habit forming.


New Colon Sweep Review
Occasional Use of New Colon Sweep

New Colon Sweep

The recommended dose for occasional constipation is to take two of the capsules, three times a day. The first dose should be taken on an empty, or near empty stomach if possible.

As with all aids for constipation, it is advisable to be within reach of the restroom after taking a remedial dose. However, as New Colon Sweep is mild and gentle, you should not need to make any urgent rush for the toilet.

As we are all individual and with different requirements, you may want to adjust the dose to suit your particular needs.

You will find that your compacted fecal matter is gradually removed over a matter of days during subsequent bowel movements – not in one go.

Once again – adjusting your dose of New Colon Sweep will allow you to easily control the speed at which this happens.


New Colon Sweep Review
How to Make a Complete Colon Cleanse

To completely cleanse your colon with New Colon cleanse – take two capsiles three times a day on an empty (or nearly empty) stomach – and continue with this program for three weeks.

You will almost certainly experience some urgency to visit the toilet at this leve, so it is advisable to start your full colon cleanse when access to the toilet is easy.

It is recommended that you continue with this level if at all possible, but of course, you may have to adjust the amount of New Colon Cleanse you take if your lifestyle means you need to reduce the dose to continue with your normal lifestyle.

For the best results, maintaing the 2 x 3 dosage will bring the quickest outcome, but this is not always possible.

If the dose is reduced because you have to contine a normal life, then taking two capsules two times a day – for most people – will regulate normal bowel movement without the urgency.

This lower dose will give you the freedom to go to work, travel or be out at the shops without having to worry.

However, if you do lower your dose down from the 2 x 3 level, you will have to lengthen the period for this program to achieve a full colon cleanse.

Of course, everyone is different and it may take a little adjustment of your dose and the time taken to complete the desired effect.

We would repeat that New Colon Sweep is a natural product and you will have your own individual expectations and objectives, so you can safely adjust the dose to meet your personal requirements.


New Colon Sweep Review
How to Maintain Your Clean Colon

Now you have cleansed your colon to the desired level, it’s OK to stop taking New Colon Sweep altogether.

However, now you’ve got things sorted, you may wish to keep going with a gentle maintenance program to keep your digestion and bowel movements working with a steady and regular rhythm.

Doing this will help promote a much healthier way of life. Many people report that they feel more energetic and that the fuzzy feeling they had before never comes back.

The recommended dose for the maintanance program is one capsule on an empty stomach, from one to three times a day just to keep things moving.

This dailky maintenance dosage also works well for those people on certain medications, which can upset your natural bowel movements.

If you are taking medicine for blood pressure, diabetes or antibiotics and other drugs which cause you to lose your regular bowel movements, the New Colon Sweep maintenance dosage taken daily can keep you regular and prevent constipation from becoming a problem.

Once again, adjusting the daily dose to suit your needs and expectations is key here and you should fine-tune the number of capsules you take to get the desired result.


New Colon Sweep Review
How New Colon Sweep Actually Works

After you swallow New Colon Sweep capsules, they soon reach the acid in your stomach.

The acid reacts with New Colon Sweep’s ingredients and this releases oxygen and peroxide into your stonach.

These two immediately begin to loosen and break down the impacted fecal matter that has probably been clinging to the walls of your coln over a long period of time.

This build-up of fecal matter is similar to the way that calcium will collect on the insides of water pipes and must be removed to improve the flow of water in the pipe.

The parasites and toxins that cause disease are also destroyed by the oxygen and peroxide because these mocro-organisms are unable to survive in this oxygen-rich atmosphere.

As the parasites are killed off and the impacted fecal matter becomes softened by the action of the oxygen and peroxide, the magnesium in New Colon Sweep loosens this waste material and begins to flush it away.

This whole process is both natural and extremely gentle and this is ther reason why New Colon Sweep is successfully used by so many adults and children who need to avoid the side-effects that usually come with traditional harsh laxatives and fiber additive products.

It is important to note that the magnesium that works in the colon to release the previously anchored waste matter is not a chemical stimulant.

Therefore, it doesn’t react with the stomach muscles. It’s job is to gently and naturally flush away the waste matter and expel it gently through your own natural bowel action.

Because New Colon Sweep is natural and works in a completely different way to laxatives and fiber additive products, the whole process of ridding your body is achieved without bloating, excess gas and the urgent rush to get to the toilet.


New Colon Sweep Review
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New Colon Review 
New Colon Sweep Review
New Colon Sweep Review


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