Pregnancy Constipation Relief with this Reliable Home Cure

Pregnancy Constipation Relief

Pregnancy constipation relief is almost certainly a concern for you if you are in the middle of your pregnancy right now.

If constipation during pregnancy is your problem, then your first thoughts probably included laxatives.

I’ll tell you why that isn’t a good idea – and give you a much better solution that’s kind to you, and kind to baby.

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Pregnancy Constipation Relief
Constipation During Pregnancy Is Normal

Firstly – it’s not surprising that you’re suffering from constipation during pregnancy: many (probably most) women do.

If you think for a moment – your body is undergoing some or all of these dramatic changes:


  1. Change of Diet.
  2. Hormone changes
  3. Iron supplements.
  4. Less exercise.
  5. Baby pushing your stomach in all directions.


The list goes on . . . and all these things are happening to you at the same time.

And these changes coming together as they do, have a big impact on the workings of your body, and in particular, your stomach.


Pregnancy Constipation Relief
Dehydration, Hormones and Slack Muscles

You may have been given iron supplements. This is quite common during pregnancy. The use of this supplement often requires that you drink more water. So you might want to increase your liquid intake at this time.

The hormones that are released during the nine months have the effect of relaxing the intestinal muscles.

Slack muscles are probably helpful when it’s time for baby to be born, but this can also affect the natural muscular process of getting rid of waste matter from your body.

It seems there’s no way to win!


Pregnancy Constipation Relief
Laxitives Can Make You Dash to the Toilet

Laxatives are a pretty harsh way of dealing with this problem. Firstly, the ingredients in most laxatives artificially trigger a rapid bowel movement that could have you sprinting for the toilet.

I am sure that will not be your favourite option.


Pregnancy Constipation Relief
Fiber Additives Can Cause Bloating and Gas

Another option is the fiber additives that you add to your food or drink.

Many women (and men too) report that these fiber additives can cause severe bloating of the stomach as well as excessive and smelly gas.

As your stomach is already swelling for a good reason, I am sure you won’t want the embarrassment of unsociable gas and rapid trips to the restroom to spoil your pregnancy.

So – although laxatives and fiber additives will probably do the job, they come with a bunch of unpleasant side effects, and you cannot be sure about the effect they will have on your unborn baby.

There is a way to get pregnancy constipation relief without all the unpleasant issues that come with the standard constipation remedies.


Pregnancy Constipation Relief
Natural Constipation Remedies Work Best

New Colon Sweep

You can get gentle and safe pregnancy constipation relief by using a completely natural constipation cure called New Colon Sweep.

New Colon Sweep is so safe and easy to use that your doctor will be happy for you to use it.

It’s used by young children, people with problem stomachs and special dietry needs, as well as by many pregnant women who simply want normal bowel movements without the unpleasant side effects.

New Colon Sweep works with your body to expel unwanted waste matter so you have completely natural bowel movements in a way that is both safe and completely normal.

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With New Colon Sweep you can easily regulate the dose you take to fit in with your changing needs as your body moves through the different stages of pregnancy.

How to Relieve Constipation

We believe that New Colon Sweep is currently the best natural pregnancy constipation relief that is safe and gentle for mothers-to-be.

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