Acrochordon Removal at Home Without Pain or Scars

Acrochordon Removal

Acrochordon removal has traditionally been achieved with your doctor’s help and either acid, chemicals or surgery – but not anymore.

You have many options when it comes to removing acrochordons, or skin tags as they are commonly called.

You will want to find the one that works best for you and your situation. The good news is there is a natural solution that does not involve surgery or harsh chemicals.


Where Acrochordons Come From

You may be wondering why you have acrochordons in the first place.

The cause of skin tags is not completely known. Acrochordons form from blood vessels and collagen that is bunched under the skin.

A small, protruding piece of skin that is flesh or light brown in color forms from a peduncle, or stalk.

Although we always want to get rid of acrochordons, these skin tags are neither harmful, nor do they hurt. However, they can be bothersome, depending on their location on your body.

Irritation can occur if they are disturbed by outside factors such as jewelry, clothing, shaving, etc. Many forms of treatment are available for acrochordon removal.


Acrochordon Removal by Surgery

Surgery is an expensive, cosmetic procedure which involves cutting off the skin tag. Bleeding is likely to occur. The open cut becomes susceptible to infection. You may develop a scar or discoloration of the skin in the affected area.


Acrochordon Removal by Freezing

The procedure of freezing skin tags, or Cryotherapy, involves the application of liquid nitrogen. In general, the skin tag is frozen and falls off within a few days. It can be painful and end up leaving scars or discoloration of the skin. It can also be expensive since the procedure is usually performed by a dermatologist and considered a cosmetic procedure.


Acrochordon Removal by Burning

The procedure of burning skin tags involves an electronic laser. A local anaesthetic is usually given since the procedure is painful. If you have a cluster of skin tags, you may need to have the procedure done in the hospital under a general anaesthetic. Damage to the affected area and surrounding areas could be an issue.


Acrochordon Removal Using Acid Solutions

This type of treatment is either administered by a medical professional or at home with an over-the-counter solution. Harsh chemicals are applied to make the skin tags fall off within a few days. The problem with this type of treatment is it can be painful and could cause scars, discoloration or damage to surrounding skin.


Acrochordon Removal by Tying Off

The procedure of tying off a skin tag is a do-it-yourself treatment involving tying a piece of string around the skin tag tightly in an effort to cut off the blood supply. Some go a step further and suggest cutting off the skin tag with a scissor after it is tied.

Tying off skin tags is not always possible or effective. Cutting off your skin tag with a scissor can be dangerous, causing excessive bleeding and infection. This procedure is not recommended.


The Best Way to Remove Acrochordons

There is a much better and safer way for acrochordon removal. A natural and non-invasive treatment is available. It is an effective and inexpensive method to get rid of embarrasing skin tags.

The best part is that this acrochordon treatment can conveniently be done in the comfort and privacy of your home.


Gentle H-Skin Tags Removes
Acrochordons Safely and Painlessly at Home

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When you consider all the various remedies for acrochordons, it’s clear that the regular medical solutions involve some potential for discomfort, time wasting and probably doctor’s bills as well.

Most people would like to avoid these things where possible – so a bottle of effective, natural skin tag remedy that you can apply to your acrochordons at home has to be the preferred option.

H-Skin Tags is made entirely from pure essential oils that have been scientifically formulated to effectively remove acrochordons without any pain.

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This natural product puts you in control of the situation. You simply apply a few drops each day (as directed in the instructions), and watch your skin tags melt away.

Your skin will be smooth again and there will be no scars at all.

And if that wasn’t enough – this product is so reliable, it comes with a money back guarantee. You can be sure they never offer those unless the product really works every time!

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We wish you great health and hope this article has been helpful in your quest to discover all about acrochordon removal.

As so often is the case – the natural gentle home remedies are simply the best.

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