How to Remove Fluoride from Water Easily Wherever You Live

How to remove fluoride from water

How to remove fluoride from water is a very popular query – and the answer is . . . “It will need you to get an efficient filter – but it’s pretty easy to do!”

You may be wondering why they keep adding this chemical to our water supplies, when the evidence grows that this additive is a potential health hazard – and possibly even fatal in certain situations.

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The controversy continues, with the authorities insisting that adding fluoride to your drinking water reduces tooth cavities, while people like you argue this chemical should not be forcibly added to your water supply at all.

Now – you can easily protect yourself and your family by removing the fluoride from all the water you drink – making your water at home (or anywhere) clean and pure again. For full details of how to do this click on this link > > > How to Remove Fluoride from Water

How to Remove Fluoride from Water
What’s Wrong With Fluoride?

To be fair – fluoride is being added to our water with good intentions.

“Experts” have decided that the addition of fluoride to our water makes it less likely we will get cavities in our teeth . . . and let’s be reasonable – who truly want’s holes in their teeth?

[Just a thought – cutting back on sugar consumption might save cavities just the same!]

However – there are two main threads to the argument against having this chemical present in the water we all drink.

1) On one level – we object to having no say in whether we (and out families) drink a fluoride solution every day. To many – this is just top-down nonsense from well-meaning politicians.

2) A large number of people believe there are health risks to continual exposure to fluoride, which outweigh any possible benefits.

The upshot of this is that many people in the US and worldwide would like to stop fluoride being routinely pumped into our drinking water.

And because we have no way to easily stop them contaminating our drinking water, there is a long line of people who would like to know how to remove fluoride from water altogether.

How to Remove Fluoride from Water
Why Is Fluoride Dangerous to Humans?

Although the addition of fluoride in water was intended to help all of the population, whether rich or poor, there are some very good reasons why you might want to avoid fluoride, or control the amount ingested by you and your family.

There are some very well known risks associated with fluoride and these are especially relevant in the case of young children.

Fluorosis is a condition which
discolors teeth. It can also be the cause of pits and cracks in teeth if too much fluoride is used.

Although your aim is probably to remove fluoride altogether – with young children, it’s particularly important to restrict the use of this chemical.

Very young children exposed to excessive amounts of fluoride can develop fluoride toxicity.

Fluoride toxicity appears in the form of flu-like symptoms, so ensuring the very young are unable to reach any fluoride-related products – such as toothpaste – is a sensible way to ensure there are no slip-ups.

The deeper you dig, the more serious and unwelcome the consequences of adding fluoride to water seem to appear.

Particularly worrying are the possible links between fluoride and the following:

– Cancer
– Kidney Damage.
– Cardiovascular Disease.
– Alzheimer’s Disease and
– Osteoporosis.

Now we’re not saying that fluoride in your drinking water is the cause of Alzheimer’s Disease. We are not saying that at all.

However, it’s the unknown part of these quick fix drugs and additives over the long-term that causes the concern and uncertainty.

Of course the authorities tell us it’s all OK – but that’s based on current knowledge.

Way back, they also told us it was OK to smoke tobacco, use asbestos in our buildings while doctors even recommended giving thalidomide to pregnant women.

It doesn’t truly inspire confidence does it?

How to Remove Fluoride from Water
Fluoride Often Appears Unexpectedly

It often happens that drinking water is unintentionally contaminated with additional levels of fluoride that are difficult or even impossible to control.

A number of chemicals that contain various amounts of fluoride can leach from farm land and industrial sites into our groundwater.

From there it’s a short journey to our homes and places of work where it’s consumed daily by us and our families and friends.

When this happens, it can cause some unfortunate side-effects.

When high levels of fluoride are swallowed down over a long period of time, the fluorosis condition can penetrate into your bone structure.

Skeletal Fluorosis can be extremely painful as your bones start to erode, and in particular; your bone joints.

How to Remove Fluoride from Water
Filtering Water Is Your Best Protection

Simply getting rid of products that contain fluoride, may not be enough to cut the fluoride out of your daily life.

Tests have even shown that some brands of bottled water surprisingly also contain measurable levels of fluoride.

The recommended way to significantly reduce your routine daily consumption of fluoride is to have all your domestic water filtered by an effective filtering system built for the task.

Naturally, this will cost money – but the consequences of NOT doing something could be great. And the cost of filtering your drinking water can be as low as $25!

A solid and reliable water filtering system with an excellent world-wide reputation is Crystal Quest Water Filters.

Crystal Quest is a well established and respected manufacturer with a large range of high quality water filters with sizes and prices starting at about $25 and built to suit any type of home or office.

Crystal Quest filters offer the added benefit of not only removing all traces of fluoride in your water, but also completely removing chlorine, waterborne particulates, bacteria, parasites and more.

So whether your water comes from the general supply or from a well, you can easily obtain clean and great tasting water for cooking and drinking.

The Cryatal Quest filters are either free-standing or plumbed in – and you don’t need to connect many of the models up to the electricity supply.

This also means you can use them in a city or from a well that’s way out in the country at the end of a dirt track.

With a Crystal Quest filter in your home or place of work, you will be in control of your own water purity and will be able to remove all traces of fluoride and all other unwelcome impurities.

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We hope that we have satisfactorily answered the question – How to remove fluoride from water – and that you are happy to take action to free your home from water containing fluoride.

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