Signs of Yeast Infection and How You Can Cure them at Home

There are many signs of yeast infection – so the important thing you need to do is identify your yeast infection symptoms, so you can work out which is the very best natural solution for you.

Your first step should be to complete a quick questionaire sheet that will identify your signs of yeast infection.

After completing the questionaire – you will be sent (by email) a personal plan that will show you the best and most effectively cure for YOUR yeast infection pronlem.


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Signs of Yeast Infection


Signs of Yeast Infection
First Move – Take Action

My name is Mary Westholme and in the past, I have had several attacks from Candida (which is the medical name for a yeast infection).

I am writing this article to help you identify some of the signs of yeast infection and to give you some ideas on how you can easily get rid of this irritation from your body without drugs or expensive medical treatment

The main thing to understand – and this is important . . . you will not get rid of the signs of yeast infection and all the discomfort, until you do something about it!

This may seem obvious, but the signs of yeast infection will not cure themselves – as I will explain – and you must take positive action to stop your candida – or it will be with you for ever!

Many, many people live with candida for years. they pay over and over for expensive medical treatment while buying costly drugs and potions – none of which are necessary – as candida can be cured completely naturally at home without medical treatment.


Signs of Yeast Infection
Where to Find Candida Damage

Signs of Yeast Infection

Yeast Multiplying

A yeast infection is caused by an over-growth of Candida.

Candida is a fungus, and it can cause problems in almost any part of your body.

If you didn’t already do so – now is a good time to fill in the yeast infection questionaire. This will make sure you receive an email with a personal report about your particular signs of yeast infection.


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You might find signs of yeast infection on your skin or in a number of places inside your body.

There are more than twenty different types of candida fungus and they can affect almost any part of your body.


Signs of Yeast Infection
What to Look For

Candida can start to badly affect your body when there is an imbalance that might be caused by an illness or the use of antibiotics. Pregnancy is also a trigger that can produce signs of yeast infection.

Although yeast is naturally present in your body, a health upset could easily allow the yeast to start multiplying out of control.

Some common areas where yeast infections can take hold are:

  • Stomach or gut.
  • Skin – especially at joints of fingers, elbows, between toes etc.
  • Vagina.
  • Mouth.
  • Nail beds.
  • Anywhere that is warm, sensitive and where moisture is often present.


Outbreaks of candida are often accompanied by white patches, peeling skin, itching, bloating of the stomach, excessive flatulence, irritation of the sexual organs, excessive tiredness, diarrhea and constipation.

As you can see – the list of candida side-effects is quite long, and it’s really worth your while to complete the yeast infection questionaire mentioned further up the page – to get a clear understanding of your candida symptoms and what you can do to permanently and naturally stop your yeast infection.


Signs of Yeast Infection
Diet Is Really Important

Yeast that lives in or on your body has to be controlled. The secret to controlling the signs of yeast infection is to change your diet.

Yeast feeds on sugar.

There is sugar in so many things we eat, while many carbohydrates (pasta, potatoes, bread etc.) are turned into sugar as your body digests your food.

As long as the sugar keeps coming – the yeast keeps multiplying and you need to break the cycle.

There is a very good eBook you can download right now to your computer, called “Detox 101”.

In this book you are given an easy diet regime to follow that will rid your body of all the harmful stuff and replace it with tasty food that will make your yeast disappear and never return.

The book is highly recommended and comes with mouth-watering recipes!


Read more about Detox 101 here > > > “Detox 101”


If you do identify signs of yeast infection in or on your body, I hope you can use these guides to gain great success in beating your candida for good.

Mary Westholme