Laxatives During Pregnancy Safe or Unsafe – Get the Facts

Laxatives During Pregnancy

Laxatives during pregnancy – should you take them – or not? Are they safe for mother and baby?

Like many women – you may ask why eating fruit, prunes and figs together with plenty of water doesn’t seem to act as an effective constipation remedy during pregnancy.


Laxatives During Pregnancy
And Why You Should Avoid Them

Naturally – when this hasn’t worked and you’re still bloated and uncomfortable, you might start to think about taking laxatives during pregnancy.

Because you are experiencing hormone changes – especially during the early part of your pregnancy – this can affect your body in many ways. And constipation during early pregnancy is one of the frequent problems you can expect.

Generally speaking, it is the best advice to avoid laxatives during pregnancy as many of them work by artificially stimulating your stomach muscles.

As they could also stimulate the muscles of your uterus, this is definitely not recommended.

So – laxatives during pregnancy are best avoided altogether.

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Laxatives During Pregnancy
And Fiber Additives Are No Better

As laxatives during pregnancy are not a recommended option, you may be tempted by the many fiber additive products that you add to your food and/or drink.

Here again there are problems.

Fiber additives are quite well known to cause bloating and excessive wind.

Anything that adds to the swelling of your stomach while pregnant can surely be very unwelcome.

Like laxatives – the fiber additives are well known for being agressive and for causing people to rush to the toilet in a hurry.

Also, the smell and embarrassing noise from excess gas is unsociable and probably something you would want to avoid at all costs.

Laxatives During Pregnancy
Natural Constipation Remedies Work Best

The natural solutions seem to offer the best option instead of using artificial laxatives during pregnancy.

New Colon Sweep

One such natural product is New Colon Sweep.

New Colon Sweep has been carefully formulated to work with your body – rather than against it.

Because it is natural and extremely gentle, New Colon Sweep is the preferred anti-constipation product that is used by people with special dietry needs and weak stomachs, as do the disabled and people in post operative situations, as well as pregnant mothers-to-be and even young children.

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During your pregnancy it is always a good idea to make sure that you are drinking sufficient amounts of water. If you can also add plenty of vegetables, pulses and fruit to your diet this will help both you and your baby.

However, many women fins that these foods – essential though they are for a balanced and healthy diet – are not enough to fight against constipation.

We fully recommend New Colon Sweep rather than taking fiber additives or harsh laxatives during pregnancy .

How to Relieve Constipation

Anything you can do to stay healthu during your pregnancy has to be welcomed.

So taking as much exercise as you can comfortably do, has to be good advice, as this keeps the circulation ticking over and increases the flow of oxygen around the body.

We believe New Colon Sweep is the best alternative to taking laxatives during pregnancy.

And we wish you and baby the very best of health.

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